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Are Cameras Getting Bigger Again? – ON THE COUCH Ep. 24 part 2 of 2 – Frank Mirbach, Lawrence Richards & Glidecam CEO David Stevens

July 10, 2015

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In episode 24 of ON THE COUCH, I talked to Frank Mirbach, CEO of German production company Mineworks FilmLawrence Richards, a director of photography from Germany, and David Stevens, CEO of Glidecam Industries, Inc. (thanks to AF Marcotec for hooking us up with David!).


In this final part of the episode, we talked about the strange fact that cameras tend to become bigger again - after years of "shrinking" the footprint of the everyday cameras like DSLRs and offsprings like the C100/C300, we see a tendency of professional cameras to becoming bigger again. The biggest testament to that fact is the Blackmagic URSA, a massive camera with a large built-in screen that can be folded out.

We also talked about the relevance and future of 4K for various productions as well as how reframing is relevant for various purposes when finishing in 2K or 1080p.




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