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ON THE COUCH ep. 28 – part 2 – “A Good American” Filmmaker Friedrich Moser

April 24, 2016

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Friedrich Moser - ON THE COUCH

On this second part of our interview with Austrian filmmaker Friedrich Moser, we discuss the more abstract questions of filmmaking, as well as the technical aspects of his film "A Good American". Click here if you missed the first part of the interview. 

When it comes to documentary filmmaking, objectivity is a key aspect. On the one hand, viewers expect a certain level of knowledge and insight into the subject at hand when they choose to watch a documentary. On the other, this medium is still within the realm of filmmaking, aiming to convey powerful emotions and, above all, tell a compelling story. So, how do you conciliate both sides? Marking a clear difference between meaning and information, Friedrich shares his point of view on this question during the first half of the conversation.

For the geeks among us, there is a healthy dose of gear-talk as well. Friedrich Moser talks about his love of RED cameras, his choice of lenses for this project, and the importance of shooting RAW for documentaries.

Another ON THE COUCH packed full of valuable insights, and one certainly not to be missed!

Friedrich Moser
"A Good American" director Friedrich Moser at Cinema5D HQ in Vienna

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